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Strategy is Key

Video without strategy is akin to jumping out of a plane without a parachute. As important as video content is for your individual sport brand, a strategy on how the videos will work towards your KPI's and Goals are paramount. Think of us as your video strategy partners, we're here to assist or plan your video marketing efforts to drive results.

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Content Strategy

Brand Boost Strategy Consultation

With our Brand Boost Strategy Consultations We'll take your marketing efforts to the next level. Gain clarity on your company's market positioning, unique value proposition, and goals to ensure that your marketing speaks to your target audience. We will use these factors to tailor a Brand Boost Strategy to get you closer to achieving your goals.


Engagement Strategy

SEO, Ad Planning, and Account Management

We can help with your SEO and ad planning. We'll begin with a consultation to over to your brand's goals. From there we'll create an ad strategy that your team can use to get results now! Want to be hands free? Let us take the driver's seat with our account management services. We will post the content, run the ads, deliver analytics reports, and suggestions to maintain or improve results.

How We Helped a Fitness Apparel Company 2x Their Sales 

Fiteet is a fitness apparel company that focuses on empowering women to feeling their best when working out. When we initially spoke, the company's goal was to increase brand awareness, increase their mailing list recipients and increase their monthly sales. 

We started with their Brand Boost Strategy Consultation sessions to get an idea of how the business was performing at the time. From there, we extracted their mesurables and their ideal company direction. Finally we created a winning strategy that outlined the best areas to target their audience, variable content ideas that would perform well to help nail their goals. This was presented in our Genius Blueprint. After working with us to create the content, and following their tailored Genius Blueprint that served as a roadmap to achieving their goals, they were able to hit their sales goal within the first 5 months.

A clear plan on how to achieve your company's marketing goals along with strategic content can help you elevate ambitions.

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